Friday 11th of May
Saturday 12th of May
Sunday 13th of May

With over 350 sellers Our Spring Fair will be the best place to get all the seeds and plants right in time for the seasonal planting period.
Various craftsman will be selling their products- from chairs to sauna. Farmers market.
Our rural exhibition will show you parts of modern animal husbandry, most of breeds of beef heifers, dairy heifers, lambs etc. that are grown in Estonia.
Observe sheep wool shredding and browse for handcraft made of wool. You can also see how dairy cow is milked. How honey is collected etc.
Special program for kids.
Fair is open
Friday 12-19
Saturday 9-17
Sunday 9-16
LUIGE FAIRGROUNDS is located on the 7th km of Tallinn- Viljandi highway.

For public transit (busses 116 & 219) check schedule or portal.


Registration via is required.

Registration for new participants starts on 2nd of April 2018


The first “Exhibition of domestic animals and birds” (later LUIGE AUTUMN) took place on 1st to 5th of September in 1999. On this event we displayed large proportion of home grown animal and bird species (different breeds of horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, fur-bearing animals, chickens, quail, geese, ducks, turkeys, pheasant, bees). Harju Defense League introduced military technology and machinery. Kids were entertained by “Bear”, “Joker Joosu” and Pippi Longstocking, live was played by L`Dorado. There was no fair during the first LUIGE AUTUMN. The first event was sponsored by AS Tallegg, Rävala Piim, and Harju County Administration.
On 6th-10th September in 2000 we held our second LUIGE AUTUMN. In addition to the animals and birds, domestic garden and field crops were first introduced. Scottish Highland cattle and ostriches were first show in Luige. We also managed to get Harju Rescue Service to display their machinery side by side with Harju Defence League military machinery. Due to popularity and “pressure” from participants of our first LUIGE SPRINGS fair and we also added a two day fair to LUIGE AUTUMN. Kids were entertained by professional actors under Ivo Eensalu leadership, live music by“Väikeste Lõõtspillide Ühing” and “Untsakad”. Our mascots “Possu” and “Lonni” were first introduced. Due to the growing complexity of assembling, showing the animals LUIGE AUTUMN is from 2005 held only in odd years.

Our first “Big Gardening & Advice Fair” (later LUIGE SPRING) was held on 29th if April 2000. It was a one day event. Since there were many fairs already held in Estonia we hoped to attract people with various gardening workshops and lectures. Topics of seminars were such as: “the cultivation and use of medicinal plants”, “strawberry farming”, “fighting moles, rats and snails”; “principles of garden building”, “fertilization”, “fruit and ornamental trees cutting and shaping”. We felt like we lacked the professional know-how so we turned for help to “Aiatark” Väino Eskla. Väino is now one of our key partners. Master of the fair manager was Tarvo Krall, who unluckily. Live music was played by “Anna Minna”. Our decision to ban clothing and antiquities from the fair has proved worthwhile. Despite the rainy weather and some bad decisions, we were sure we had found our niche in the fair landscape. In 2001 we dared to organize a two day fair. On 27th-28th April “Horticulture Fair” was held.A large importance for us was still seminars and workshops. In addition to seeds and plants we added added more categories such as agricultural products, handicrafts, garden tools. On the second day we held “LUIGE BIRD AND ANIMAL FAIR”, where we tried to sell animals (chicks, pigs, cows), however it was not sustainable. On this fair we also introduced a pre-registration of participants at the fair. Quickly established good reputation led to our first problems with parking and catering. Entertainment was offered by “Uno Kaupmees” and Marko Matvere with “Väikeste Lõõtspillide Ühing”.

In 2004 we saw opportunity as one centralized marketplace for real estate developers and home builders. We gathered various manufactures and importers of garden gates, fences, road and pavement coatings, garden lightning, garden furniture, garden houses, saunas, pergolas, pools, fountains, irrigation systems, lawn establishment and maintenance tools, barbecue facilities and other garden beauty accessories. Various beauty gardeners also participated. With the advent of the large garden centers LUIGE SUMMER lost its niche.


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